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Web Analytics & Social Platforms

Today, Social platforms become an integral part of business marketing strategy. Over 85% of business organizations have dedicated team for social media handling for achieving extensive market exposure, loyal customer base and higher sales rate. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus are the three popular social platforms along with Bing and Yahoo.

Social media marketing increases your organic search results, market awareness and credibility and gives competitive advantages, while reducing the marketing costs. By leveraging social media analytics, businesses can interact with their customers more effectively, and get insights into ever-changing marketing tends, brand awareness, consumers’ preferences and their buying and spending patterns.

The web analysis is an important practice for online businesses that helps them to keep a check on their websites’ traffic on regular basis, and learn new techniques to improve it. Google Analytics and OMNITURE Site Catalyst are the two widely used web analytic tools. The Web Analytics and Social Platform Solutions of Let Us Code assist you to drive your online business performance in real time on social platforms, web, Intranet and applications.

Our solutions are comprised of all the essential features as standard, required for advanced analysis of your website’s traffic through integrated tracking of business modules such as rich media, e-Commerce, dashboarding, multichannel campaign analysis, data management, performance monitoring etc.

Key features of Our Web Analytics Tools or Solutions

  • Standard web analysis
  • Segmentation solution for customers’ behavioral and targeting analysis
  • Rich user experience, and optimization
  • Rich Media tracking, video analysis and measurement
  • Detailed view of e-marketing campaigns and their profitability
  • Customized traffic sources and multichannel analytics
  • Unique business analysis through custom metrics
  • An integrated performance monitoring tool as standard
  • Advanced reporting and analytics reporting with Data Query
  • Simple and quick tagging i.e. Soft Tagging
  • Customized web analytics dashboard and viewing tool
  • Data Query application for data extraction

Key Benefits of Our Web Analytics and Social Platforms Solutions

  • Develop effective online strategies based on credible information, adding value to your business.
  • Simple and quick implementation with easy tagging, called “Soft Tagging”.
  • Monitor marketing investments according to budget, and to increase ROI.
  • Generate more traffic and improve sales through online marketing tools such as social networks, email campaigns, affiliation, adverts etc.
  • Enhance productivity through precise decision-making analysis.
  • Optimize user experience by monitoring performance and website availability through tools integrated into web analytics solution.
  • Establish and manage an open web marketing ecosystem to integrate data into your company’s IS.
  • Organize data using powerful and intuitive analytics reporting tool.
  • Proficient with web analytics practices, and benefiting customers’ on-demand professional services.