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JSTL (Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library) is a suite of simple JSP custom tags that provide functionality for the JSP documents and various web applications. This standard tag library was introduced by SUN to perform JSP programming based operations. It supports common structural tasks such as tags for manipulating or modifies XML documents, SQL tags, iteration and conditionals and internationalization tags. Along with this, it provides a framework for incorporating existing custom tags with JSTL tags. JSTL also provides API for other tools such as Netbeans. It improves existing implementations, bug fixes and performance. There are six types of JSTL tag libraries, which are categorized on the basis of their functionality, and used with JSP pages

  • The Core JSTL
  • The Format Tag Library
  • The XML Tag Library
  • The Functions Tag Library
  • The SQL Tag Library
  • The Database Tag Library

The Database Tag Library includes tags for query, JSTL tags for developing and updating database and the TLV or permitted tag library that provides translation-time validation for XML view of JSP pages. Restrictions can be enforced to the usage of scripting elements and permitted tag libraries in JSP pages through the TLVs, which are offered by JSTL.

Having a team of certified programmers who have a vast experience with JSTL tags design and development, Let Us Code offers

comprehensive JSTL User Interface solutions for a variety of business requirements. By using SQL and XML taglibs, we implement SQL queries and parsing of XML in declarative form. We also provide the JSP pages with number/ date format and internationalization facilities along with various other solutions.