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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open standard data-interchange format, which is simplifies transition of human-readable information with attribute-value pairs. It is based on a subset of JavaScript, and an alternative of XML. This lightweight data-interchange and storage format was initially used for data exchange between a server and web application.
Unlike the XML, the JSON syntax is less verbose, lightweight and easy to debug. This syntax is a subset of JavaScript syntax that enables to evaluate a JSON string into object by using eval(), which is quite easy to change and work with. JSON can represent a large set of data in fewer characters. The JSON libraries have extensive configurability with settings and annotations.

All these libraries support generics, which are an essential part of modern Java development. JSON offers full data binding and ultra-fast performance and low overhead sequential access with streaming parsing. The JSON parsing is simple and very convenient. The JSON text can be parsed with eval() function of JavaScript. It doesn’t require any special libraries to work across multiple browsers.

Let Us Code provides scalable JSON web development solutions and technical support at very competitive prices. Our skilled programmers have extensive experienced working with Java, Objective C, Python and other programming languages to develop a variety of user interfaces and applications.