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AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a technology to develop more interactive and faster web applications by using HTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript. These programming languages are used for different purposes such as JavaScript for dynamic content display, CSS for presentation and document object model, XML and XSLT for data interchange and manipulation and XHTML for content. Unlike the conventional web application development technique, AJAX transmits application information to the server by enabling the JavaScript to create a request to the server, interpret the results and update the existing screen.

This technique is based on open standards that include

  • Data stored in XML format, and obtained from the server
  • Using HTML and CSS for browser based presentation
  • Using XMLHttpRewuest objects data is fetched in the browser
  • JavaScript binds everything together and solves various purposes

AJAX becomes an integral part of websites that not only facilitates interaction between a website and its users, but simplifies navigation to users. It enables to manage multiple applications and features with a single web page, and avoid requirement of several web pages. This new technique doesn’t require a web page to reload dynamic content.

The response time and performance of the AJAX based web applications are better than the conventional techniques. It allows using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) instead XML and Firefox browser with Firebug add-on to debug AJAX calls. Having expertise in web applications development using AJAX model, Let Us Code offers a wide spectrum of AJAX web application development and support services.

Our services include

  • Atlas framework .Net web application development
  • XAJAX framework PHP web application development
  • framework .Net web application development
  • Magic AJAX framework .Net web application development
  • Back-base AJAX framework