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XML (Extensive Markup Language) is a suite of encoded data, documents, structures, books, invoices, configuration and transactions used for building a variety of applications or software. It works on a concept of using tag-processing application and rule-specifying tags. XML is the commonly used format for sharing structured data between systems, programs and people across networks and locally. It’s easy to understand, if you are familiar with HTML. However, there are some structural and functional differences. There are several key advantages of XML such as
Domain specific vocabulary

Domain specific vocabulary can be developed by building new tags based application requirement. It creates a markup language for application without an restriction the numbers of tags.

  • Data interchange
  • XML allows interchanging data or business transactions by providing files and a structure to store it in text format.
  • Smart searches
  • The user-defined tags in XML enable the web browser to create smart searches.
  • Granular updates
  • Document updates in XML are faster than HTML, as the document needs to be downloaded in XML format rather than refreshing from the server.
  • User selected view of data
  • XML provides various selection options to users by separating the data from presentation.
  • Condition formatting
  • XML allows conditional formatting of data or documents.
  • Flexibility in design
  • The XML format provides a great flexibility, while storing data.

Let Us Code offers the scalable and functional XML web development and application programming services at very reasonable prices. Our developers are well acquainted with every aspects of XML programming and development. They understand and analyze the business requirements, and employ the best practices to deliver result oriented solutions. The key features of XML development solutions are

  • Intelligent XML Editor
  • XML Database Support
  • XML Validation
  • Web Services Support
  • XSLT & XQuery Debugging
  • All XML Standards Support
  • Our XML Web Development and XML Application Programming Services include –
  • XML Application Programming
  • Customized XML web development
  • XML Web Designing
  • XML data transfer
  • XML data synchronization
  • XML Application maintenance
  • XML data distribution
  • XML System Integration