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.NET is a software development framework that runs on Microsoft Widows, and provides a comprehensive suite of application development tools and services. It includes server technologies, device software, Visual Studio IDE and building block services (web-based data storage). This framework is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), and uses built-in huge libraries for software and web application development. The .NET framework structure libraries are comprised form of ASP, ADO, Windows, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and ASP .NET. Generally, enterprises that need .NET platform look for the dynamic features offered by ASP .NET framework such as desktop software requirement, web based requirements, website support etc.

.NET framework is used for developing

  • Websites
  • XML web services
  • Customer relationship management
  • Integration with partners through the internet
  • Accounting applications
  • Value chain/supply management
  • Product/inventory applications

.Net allows developers to design and re-design applications for different purposes. This is the reason why most enterprises use this platform for designing multi model reports. It has ability to create an entire range of computing devices working together. It automatically updates user information and synchronizes them. This framework increases a website’s interactive capabilities by using XML (an Extensible markup language) instead HTML. There are various other advantages of .NET development framework such as

Advantages of .NET Development Framework

  • Maintainability
  • Cross platform: service-oriented structure
  • Easy execution
  • High level of security
  • Integration with legal systems
  • Code management
  • Interoperation with existing applications
  • Robustness
  • Less complexity
  • Consistent programming model
  • All libraries in one place
  • Fast application or software development
  • Localization and globalization
  • Highly scalable applications

A well-recognized .NET development company, Let Us Code offers the best development services around the world. Working rigorously for year, our developers are now very well-versed with .NET software development. We develop a variety of applications for proprietary purpose and open market as well. Our developers design and develop a variety of applications such as gaming apps, entertainment apps, utility apps, customized enterprise apps etc.