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Microsoft Visual C++

Microsoft Visual C++ is an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides a suite of software development tool. It supports the object oriented Windows application programming a class library (Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)) and C/ C++ compiler. This programming environment includes ClassWizard, AppWizard and testing features. It provides a great flexibility to developers. Some of the major advantages of Microsoft Visual C++ are
It is competent to combine managed code (executed with the .NET framework or CLR) with unmanaged code (not executed with .NET framework or CLR) in C++.

The execution speed o VC++ is quite fast. This native development language directly interacts with the system or device that makes it faster than other languages.
VC++ based applications require minimal resources that result in smaller size applications compared to those developed by using other .NET compliant languages.

The memory usage is very low as well.

  • It’s an ANSI (American National Standards Institute)-compliant language that enables to develop multi-platform applications.
  • It uses Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library that makes it C/C++ applications compatible on different operating systems.
  • It offers an Active Template Library that enables to create a variety of Component Based Model (COM) and ActiveX controls.
  • The VC++ compiler supports Lambda expressions with a function body that combines the best features of function objects and function pointers.
  • The new CLR option allows excluding the default .NET libraries, enabling developers to use a specified version of a specific assembly.
  • VC++ has a new PogoSafeMode (Profile-Guided Optimization option) that allows the use of ‘fast’ or ‘safe’ mode, when a developer optimizes the software or application.
  • It features a Concurrency Runtime Framework software framework for programming concurrent applications, and supports components and running simultaneously.
  • If you want to speed-up your Microsoft Visual C++ development with low size and highly efficient applications, hire Let Us Code’s developers who have vast experience in development industry and possess in-depth understanding of programming languages and technologies.