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C is a basic programming language, while the C++ is an object-oriented language that enables developers build objects within the code. C is the most common programming language that is used for writing codes for operating systems to microcontrollers. It’s very easy to learn, flexible and functional. It provides maximum control with minimal commands. This compiled language takes commands to execute program, which runs through a compiler to change the readable form to machine or code language.

We have a dedicated team of experts that consciously make efforts to develop, upgrade and maintain C++ systems in heterogeneous environments for different platforms. We have a good command and experience with several platforms such as iOS, Windows, Android OS, Mac OS/Mac OS X, Linux/Unix and more.

At Let Us Code, we offer complete programming, software development, mobility and QA testing services. Along with this, we have expertise in embedded C/ C++ program or software development. Our developers have vast experience with
C and C++ in embedded open source GUI framework (like GTK+ or QT)

  • Linux and
  • File systems and storage
  • Protocols
  • Multi-media and unified communications
  • Device drivers
  • Operating systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Security and identity management
  • UI development

And some other system technologies like database connectivity, network wrapper over HTTP, SSH, HTTPS, XML writers and parsers, PERL scripting and shell scripting, inotify for monitoring and POSIX programming.

The embedded C++ offers a subset of C++ to our programmers that enable them to develop software or applications more efficiently and quick. This subset is compatible with the Standard C++, and offers key advantages of C++ all at once.

Our C/C++ Services include –

  • Custom application development by using C/C++
  • Quality Assurance services for C/C++ applications
  • Embedded C/C++ development
  • Upgrading of existing C/C++ applications
  • Mobile and Tablet programming with C/C++
  • Mac OS X C/C++ programming
  • Unix/Linux C/C++ development and more