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C#.NET is the modernized version of the object oriented C++ programming language that enables developers to create scalable and secure applications, running on the .NET framework. It is simple and easy to learn. If developers are familiar with the C++ or Java, then understanding C# programming language won’t take them a long time. Its syntax simplifies several complexities of the C++, and provides a wide range of powerful features such as lambda expressions, nullable value types, delegates and direct memory access, which aren’t offered in Java.

Moreover, it supports generic types and methods for better type performance and safety, and iterators that define custom iteration behaviors by enabling implementer of collection classes. By using .NET’s garbage collection, the C# removes issues related to memory management. Being an object oriented language, the C# supports the concepts of polymorphism, encapsulation and inheritance. Some other

C# Advantages


C# supports XML comments, and turns them to documentation by using the generated source code.
Running on the .NET framework, this not only simplifies the development paradigm, but speeds it up as well.
It ensures type safety through the C# complier that notifies when someone tries to use a variable before initializing it to a valid value.

      • C# removes the complexities of the C++
      • This object oriented language treats simple data as objects
      • It’s easy to understand yet very powerful to develop scalable applications
      • It simplifies syntax to be more logical and constant, while removing the complex features of C++
      • C# is published as a standard, which isn’t just for Microsoft
      • It creates straightforward components
      • It allows to interoperate with multiple languages on the .NET platform
      • C# supports the concept of error handling across different .NET language

Let Us Code is one of the leading providers of C#.NET development services in India. We aim to deliver efficient and quality solutions to improve a business’ performance while reducing development efforts.