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Programming Platforms

Programming platforms have revolutionized the way of performing crucial organizational tasks and business operations, and brought limitless opportunities in web and mobile development industries. With the growing market of the smartphones, tablets and other handheld computing devices, there is great surge of programming and mobile application across a wide variety of programming platforms. Java, C/ C++, .NET, C#.NET, J2EE, XML, Microsoft Visual C++, PHP and Windows SDK are some of the major programming platforms used by developers in building web and multimedia mobile applications, integrated with multiple operating systems. Java is the most popular platform independent programming languages used for enterprise web applications.

It builds highly scalable and quality software or application for both web and mobile devices. The C++ is the best for developing fast GUI or low level programming, drivers, operating systems and platform dependent applications. PHP is one of the most used server side scripting languages, which develops dynamic webpages, and user friendly, secure and responsive applications. This server side technology enables its users to check the PHP actions through any browser and plug-in.

It’s quite simple and easy to understand. PHP supports multiple platforms such as Macs, UNIX and Windows versions. .NET development framework offers a comprehensive programming model with large class library comprised of ASP .NET, ADO, Windows, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). It is based on Common Language Runtime (CLR), and offers rich user experience.

Window SDK provides tools, libraries, compilers, code, samples, headers and a new help system to developers to build Microsoft Windows supporting applications. The XML, Microsoft Visual C++, J2EE, and C# are high in-demand. These programming technologies have transformed the entire way of business operations and approaches. With the technical advancement, it has become more complicated and dynamic. Developers need to consider various factors while designing the applications such as different mobile configurations, screen sizes, hardware specifications, different platforms etc.

Most enterprises hire or outsource their web or mobile application programming services to the service providing firms. Let Us Code offers a complete suite of web design, development and enterprise mobility solutions. We have a team of skilled professionals that has profound understanding of programming languages, new technologies. Our developers design and develop apps for both proprietary and free downloading purposes.