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Windows Phone: SDK/.NET

Developed by Microsoft, the Window Phone is a mobile operating system, designed keeping consumer requirements in mind than business’. Microsoft introduced a new .NET framework for Windows Phone 8 that replaced the old .NET framework 4.5. Especially developed for the new Windows 8 mobile phones, the new streamlined version of .NET version has integration of CoreCLR and includes the async programming models. These alterations make it better, faster and more efficient for Window Phones. The company also launched the new SDK for Window Phone 8.

The new Windows Phone SDK is a development suite that includes Visual studio 2012 express for Windows Phone, Window Phone performance analysis, Windows Phone emulator, Microsoft expression blend, WCF data services client for Windows Phone, Silverlight 4 and Window Phone SDK 7.1 extension for XNA Game studio 4. It can be installed or fixed as an add-on to Visual studio 2012 versions. The new Window SDK is loaded with a plenty of features such as UI designer for 8 and 7.1 apps, Window Phone emulators for multiple careen sizes and expression blend. The C+ and Visual Basic developers take advantages of building applications for Windows Phones that enable them create more efficient and powerful application. There are various other benefits of using for Window Phone application development that include

  • Easy to learn and adopt Silverlight technology, VB, C# and XNA for developers
  • Option to adopt multiple platforms
  • Drag and Drop – fast software development
  • Support of Microsoft – Expression family
  • Support HTML
  • Device quality
  • Minimum requirement of phone hardware
  • 2 defined basic phone screen size
  • Increasing demand of the apps
  • Top-notch quality product
  • Easy to use
  • Availability of sensors

Let Us Code is one of the leading enterprise mobility solution companies, offering a wide range of Window Phone SDK and .NET development services across the country and overseas. Our C+ and Visual Basic developers have experience with Silverlight technology, Microsoft XNA Game Studio and programming languages (HTML, XML, XAML, Java etc.).