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Android: SDK/Java

Android is the most popular mobile platform with largest installed base, which powers over millions of mobile devices across the world. Today’s tech-savvy generation is obsessed with the highly-efficient Android applications that offer them several unique features, rich user experience and a great convenience. Most of the Android based software and applications are developed in Java programming language. Java is an object oriented language, which offers a wide array of powerful features and benefits. It’s easy to learn, secure and platform independent.

The Android SDK (Software Development Kit) consists of several standard Java libraries such as math libraries, data structure libraries, networking libraries graphic libraries etc. Along with this, it has special Android libraries to develop Android applications. These Java applications run using a virtual machine – DVM (Dalvik virtual machine) that can manage deploying the code more safely than other languages. Java programming language aids the development of Native Android applications, and doesn’t need to take the applications as hybrid. Developers are more familiar to the Java based on Android mobile platform compared to Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Window phone platforms.

The Android Java development tricks are easy to understand, deploy and develop more functional and dynamic applications. The Android SDK simplifies developers’ task by offering them ADT (Android developer tools) and API libraries to build, test and debug application build for Android. The ADT pack consists of the ADT plug-in, the Android platform tools, Eclipse and the Android SDK tools along with the latest Android system image and Android platform.

The Android SDK supports existing version of the integrated development environment (IDE) like Eclipse etc. Eclipse is the most preferred development environment for Java and Android development. Let Us Code offers a wide spectrum of Android SDK/ Java application development services. Our skilled developers’ posses a good command over Java programming language, Eclipse and other IDEs. Their Android SDK, ADT plug-in and tools expertise make them develop unique business specific applications for both Android and Cross platforms.