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Struts or Apache Struts is an open source framework for web application development. Based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design platform, it can be separated at all three levels i.e. Model (application stage), View (data presentation in HTML or JSP) and Controller (routing of the application flow). This framework doesn’t have built-in support of the Model layer, but it supports components of any model such as EJB, JDO, JavaBeans, CORBA etc. It offers the basic components for Java web application development such as database, control flow, page design and code.

Struts eases the Java, JSP and Action classes maintenance. Moreover, it offers several advantages to the software developers, while simplifying the application manageability and minimizing the development time. Most of the Struts values are symbolized in property files or XML instead the complex Java programs coding. It organized the all action classes, right from JSP page information to bean, and makes them available in Struts_config.xml file.

This framework offers a suite of customized JSP tags to develop HTML forms, which are related with JavaBeans components. This tags suite also enables you to output the properties of JavaBeans components, which are powerful and brief variations of the standard JSP. The Struts request processor automatically capture or input data from a form bean. In comes with built-in capabilities to check the format of the form values.

In case, it there an improper format or values are missing, it automatically redisplays them with an error message with the previously entered values maintained. This form field validation is performed on the server in Java. Having MVC design platform, this framework is quite easy to customize or modify enterprises Java web applications. It’s scalable, flexible and supports rapid application development.

Let Us Code is a ‘one-stop destination for the enterprises looking to outsource or hire their Custom Struts J2EE web development services. Our Struts developers have expertise in Struts application development and RAD and web application design (by using JSP and Servlet) with a vast experience in the relative field.

Using Struts framework, we offer following services

  • Application integration
  • Architecture elaboration
  • Database design and administration
  • Web development
  • Web application maintenance
  • Customization, Expansions and Enhancements