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Hibernate is Java-based ORM (Object and relational mapping) framework that offer automatic query and retrieval services to improve development efforts within JDBC and SQL environments. It’s an open source technology, which is licensed under the open source GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

This framework doesn’t require extend proprietary base classes or proprietary interfaces for consistent mapping of Java classes and database tables. It’s a perfect match for the object-oriented business logic and domain modes in Java based middle tier. Using the EJB session beans, it supports Java Servlet based applications or J2EE applications, Java Swing applications.

The Hibernate framework is used to develop applications for various purposes such as web application for financial and economical data analysis, risk control framework for business process assessment, enterprise recovery planning and management system, bullion trading portal, direct ship supply chain management system and more

Hibernate framework is relatively easy to use than the JPA. There are several benefits of Hibernate application development.

  • Hibernate development framework is quite better than JDBC. It automatically generates SQL on the fly, deploys the statements and saves lots of time of developers and debuggers.
  • It enables developers to map domain object to relational database efficiently, and helps you to focus on business logic rather than database management.
  • Its layered configuration allows component utilization according to the requirements, while developing applications.
  • Hibernate framework programming supports standard JPA and ORM solutions, and provides multiple caching framework options.
  • Hibernate based applications are database independent.

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