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EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) is a server-side component framework for creating transactional, scalable and multi-user secure web applications. It consists of EJB containers that run on EJB server and application server, which have EJB clients and other auxiliary systems such as the Java Transaction Service (JTS) and the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).

This development framework enables the developers to separate the business logic, and use the EJB container services at the same time. The isolation of development, implementation, administration and providers speeds up the EJB application development. The EJB components facilitate the application customization and development by ensuring the usability of beans created by others.

The major functions of the EJB are transaction management, state, connection pooling, multithreading etc. It offers distributed transaction support with transparency by enabling the client to initiate transaction, and then invoke operations on Beans exist within two distinct servers, supporting different platforms, machines or JVM.

Based on the Java technology, EJB ensures both the developers and users that the side-server components are WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere). This enables the EJB server to match the EJB specification and run EJB applications within the server. The EJB based applications are highly scalable and portable. The EJB specification not only assigns roles to the developers, but provides a great flexibility to them to develop their own enhancements as well. Both the internet and intranet enterprises web applications are supported and can be developed by using EJB and J2EE architecture.

At Let Us Code, we offer a complete suite of Java and EJB development solutions at very competitive prices. We have expertise in J2EE technology and EJB architecture that enables us to develop highly customized applications to meet the ever-changing business requirements. Our skilled professionals assist and guide our clients on practical solutions that can be deployed using enterprise Java applications.

We offer assistance in following fields:

  • Planning, designing and developing Java application
  • Integrated and deploy innovative technology and application to meet business specific requirements
  • Consultancy and project management support for enhancing performance of existing applications
  • Load testing of the Java applications