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IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is the best Java Integrated Development Environment, developed by JetBrains. It consists of various components such as text editor, Graphical unit test runner, virtual file system, debugger framework, UI framework (toolwindows, action system etc), version control integration, frameworks for deploying navigation, inspections, code completion, re-factorings, intentions etc. and parsing, lexing, abstract syntax trees and other language oriented infrastructure.

Both the commercial edition and community edition of IntelliJ IDEA are licensed under Apache 2. It performs static code analysis, detect a variety of irregularities and error-types, and helps maintain code without even deploying it. It detects probable bugs, and resolve issues through its flexible mechanism, thus enabling developers to improve the code configuration, spot performance issues, match the code to different standards and guidelines and more.

This IDE is a quick and intelligent way to improve quality of code without disturbing the process. It’s relatively more productive and less time and money consuming tool than others. IntelliJ IDEA supports various languages, frameworks, application servers and software versioning and revision control systems such as Apache Maven, Apache Ant etc. Let Us Code offers comprehensive IntelliJ IDEA solutions, addressing your business-specific application development and coding requirements.