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Data Bases

Database is the collection of documents, files, records and data. Database management software (DBMS) is the application used for creating, editing and managing information or records in an organized format like tables, fields and columns. DBMS works as an intermediary between database and user that receives application requests and decodes them into complex programs or operations in order to complete those requests.

It creates an environment for better data sharing for end users. More the users, a greater risk of data security breaches; so to ensure the data privacy, most enterprises invest a significant sum of money, time and effort. A DBMS framework has robust security policies that protect data from unauthorized access or security breaches. A well-organized database streamlines the business operations with easy integration and quick access. Moreover, it improves the information quality by encouraging data validity, accuracy and timeliness, and helps enterprises with decision making.

DBMS enhances the end user productivity by providing quick, well-organized data, and minimizing data inconsistency at every level. Using DBMS, user can centralize or manage data according to its usage, importance, and minimize data redundancy as well. It has a built-in fault tolerance and isolation that avoid propagation of invalid data and eventual failures. Most DBMSs offer report writer tools to create reports easily and quickly, and also enable to modify them. These created reports can be saved with the database, which act like a software component.

Usually, when two users access a data simultaneously on a file-based system, there is possibility of interference. Most DBMS come with sub-systems that control concurrency while recording transactions with a great accuracy. Along with this, there are ‘backup and recovery’ sub-systems that automatically prepare data backup and restore data, if needed.

Let Us Code offers comprehensive database management services for several database environments including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SYBASE and Microsoft Access. By combining our expertise, robust tools and proven methodologies, we deliver the cost effective and top-notch quality database management services. With our scalable DBMS solutions, we ensure enhanced efficiency, flexibility and business values with reduced capital and operational expenditure. We provide end-to-end database management services across different domains and geographies.