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Windows Azure

Windows Azure is one of the most powerful and flexible cloud computing platforms that support different programming languages, data, applications and frameworks in the cloud. It offers both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). By hosting the server infrastructure in cloud, it minimizes the upfront investment.

This platform offers nine services that include Cloud Services, Business Analytics, Virtual machines, Websites, Data Management, Messaging, Mobile Services, Identity and Media Services. Leveraging Windows Azure Virtual Machines, the users can instigate a Linux operating system or Windows Server, while working on the cloud. It can save images in a gallery, and can be published later.

Window Azure allows scale on-demand resources, and shift virtual hard disks between the cloud servers and on-premises. It’s management portal speeds-up the web application development process by accepting scripts from CLI tool or PowerShell on any operating system. It also enables the developers to implement a website, even it exists from Bitbucket, DropBox, CodePlex, Git and GitHub.

The binary or unstructured data is stored in the easiest Binary Large Objects (Blobs) format, and can be moved in and out through its import/ export feature. It supports a wide variety of programming languages such as ASP, Python, ASP.NET, Node.js.. PHP, CakePHP, Drupal, Express, WOrdpress, Django and DotNetNike. Window Azure comes integrated with SQL database functionality that keeps performance predictable by supporting flexible management, built-in availability and massive scale-out.

Let Us Code offers Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud services for hosting collaboration systems, migrating applications from over-taxed data centers and running big data applications. We also provide profound support for planning and implementing Azure cloud strategies and proven methodologies for Azure operations in an open development environment.