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Developed by Microsoft, the IIS (Internet Information Server) is an extensible web server that includes a File transfer server and a Hypertext transfer protocol. It comes with some additional features for Windows 2000 Server and Microsoft’s Windows NT operating systems. It offers a suite of tools that includes Visual Web Developer 2008, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Dot Net, Silverlight tools for Visual Studio and SQL Server 2008.

IIS 7 is the latest version of the software, which has been developed for speed, security and ease of use. Its modular architecture provides an environment for the development and implementation of web applications. The IIS 7 offers two pipeline mode – integrated pipeline mode and classic mode. Supporting the PHP programming language, it allows installation of various PHP 5 quick-install applications and utilization of PHP 5 code and scripts.

IIS is a commonly used development environment that enables you to add modules, classes or any Visual Basic ActiveX component to the project. The IIS based application doesn’t require installation of any specific software to run that reduces the cost of implementation per user. These applications support a wide variety of operating systems and browsers that gives a broad audience access. This platform comes with a set of modules for security, compression, content, Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), diagnostic, caching and logging. Each module empowers developer to customize or modify webpages to enhance user experience.

IIS creates robust and innovative web applications and websites, which are highly immune to viruses and hackers. The Active Server Pages framework offers an object model, which enables to change the objects at the core of IIS by providing direct access to IIS resources. This object model performs complicated operations by retrieving information from a browser and sends it to IIS.

The IIS separates the user interface from the coding, developing, testing and debugging applications that help you to streamline business operations more efficiently. Using a database of objects, you can manage state across different interactions with the server and the client. Let Us Code offers customized IIS application development and support services across different domains and geographies.