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Apache is an open source HTTP Server, which plays an integral role in expansion of the World Wide Web. It supports multiple web platforms and operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Unix, Novell NetWare, Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, OS/2, Microsoft Windows etc. Developed by Apache Software Foundation an open-source community, the Apache web server consistently upgraded with new functional features to deliver an extensible and secure server platform.

Having several modules, it supports multiple scripts and runs dynamic content on the server. These modules are parts of the Apache distribution enhancing its server capabilities such as Server side induces (SSI), Common gateway interface (CGI), CGI scripts execution, a server-side scripting language, URL redirection, automatic directory listings, user authentication, support for HTTP header metafiles, anonymous user access, caching proxy abilities, user home directories etc.

The source code of this open source web server can be modified to give competitive edge to enterprises. It’s feature-rich software that consists of customizable error messages, administration control panel and authentication schemes along with the standard features like Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), Domain name service, File transfer protocol (FTP) and various third party add-ons. Using its virtual hosting module, you can run several websites from the single server.

The major advantage of Apache is profound availability of technical support resources. So, when a new bug is identified, the community of open source users develops a solution to fix issues and posts for free on social media websites or forums. Apache Geronimo is the most commonly used Apache server’s application, which is released, maintained and licensed under Apache.

Let Us Code offers Apache web server management and resource support services to support your web applications and database management system. With their expertise in JEE, Servlets, JDBC, JavaServer pages, XML and other complicated application, our professionals deliver highly scalable and reliable solutions.