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Application & Web Servers

Application & Web Servers are the integral components of an enterprise website. A web server manages the HTTP protocol such as respond to HTTP request with a static HTML image or page, server-side JavaScripts, send response generation to any other program (like JSPs, ASPs, CGI, Serlets or any other server-side technology. Its delegation model is quite simple. When the web server receives a request, it simply sends the request to the most appropriate program. It provides an environment for implementation and pass on the generated response of the server-side program.

On the other side, the application server represents business logic to the applications by means of different protocols, including HTTP. It enables to access business logic through the application programs. With application server, the application configurations are centralized such as database error and system settings. By centralizing business logic on a single or multiple servers, it ensures updates and upgrades for all users. It supports transactions that reduces the development time and costs. Application server generates code for developers, and enables them to concentrate more on business logic. By confining the network traffic to performance tier traffic, it enhances the performance of complex application in intense usage environments.

Let Us Code comprehensive Application Server and Web Server packages for a more flexible and faster Java application server runtime environment. We aim to enhance the resiliency and reliability and resiliency for developing and running applications such as mobile applications, web applications, cloud etc. Our Servers compatible to multiple environments including right from single server for medium-sized configurations to large implementations, require web tier clustering over several application server. Our Application Server helps you:

    • Increase efficiency and productivity of developers with open standards and different programming models such as lightweight options for web implementations.
    • Execute and manage applications and services without any limitation of location, time or device type.
    • Includes the Liberty profile.
    • Improves control and security by using integrated administrative and management tools.

With our scalable web server and application server solutions, we ensure a reliable application delivery with better control, reliability and productivity.