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CRM Application Development

Today’s customers are more inclined towards the companies with an easy and interactive customer-oriented system. In order to cope-up with stiff competition, enterprises are opting advanced Customer Relationship Management (CMR) system, which help them connect with their customers and retain them.

A Good CRM system helps to tackle several operational challenges such as high client attrition, sales person’s commission, sales decline and imbalanced revenue and target equation. This tool enables you to formulate new strategies for long-term profits by offering more visibility to client base. With a CRM system, you don’t need to worry about the financial and profitability tracking as it streamlines operations and keeps the tracks of sales, revenue, product discounts, shipping costs and client returns. It’s the best way to improve customer experience, and enhance the business growth.

At Let Us Code, our skilled professionals help enterprises to address challenges and business requirements of their customers through comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services. We help you to attract, retain and please customers without much effort. Here are few reasons why we think choose Let Us Code’s CMR services are superior –

Let Us Code’s CMR Services

  • Centralization of customer’s data
  • Provide quality customer information
  • Easily accessible customer information, enabling you to reach better qualified prospects
  • High-end security to sensitive and important information
  • Accurate sales reporting that helps you to calculate cash flow
  • Streamline management decision making processes
  • Improve customer retention through follow-ups, reminders and relationship details
  • Automate workflow, and enables to focus on core business goals
  • Organize leads more efficiently
  • Proper tracking of operational expenses
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Save time and efforts
  • Our CRM solutions help you with a variety of CRM execution issues in the industries such as Finance, Sales, Retail, Consumer Durable, Professional services, FMCG etc. Along with this, we assist you to transform your business and formulate more innovative strategies to improve business productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction. Our years of global experience across different domains can support your business specific CRM requirements that drive customers and their retention along with new opportunities.
  • Open source Development
  • Open Source Software has now become an integral part of enterprises. The major advantage of this software is that it costs nothing. It comes with source code that enables the licensed users to use, modify and distribute it. It streamlines the operations and improves business performance. At Let Us Code, we have a team of professionals that works with integration, and develop open source software development solutions to serve the business centric requirements of our clients.
  • There are some potential advantages of opting open source software –
  • Premium quality software
  • Most of the Open source softwares are premium in quality. Designed and analyzed by several experts across the globe, the available source code are highly secure and of superior quality. It’s quite efficient for coding as well.
  • Auditability
  • The Open source codes are distributed by the developers that make them auditable and reliable. You don’t need to ask your auditors for its auditability and suitability.
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Vendor lock-in is the major problem for the enterprises. But, the open source software allows you to choose the most suitable vendor, and helps you with other issues such as lack of portability, inability to customize software and high expensive fees.
  • Integrated management
  • Open source software easily integrates with your server, applications and service management like common information model and web based enterprise management (WBEM). It leads to an effective management.
  • Source code visibility
  • It allows you to view the source code behind interfaces, and provides accurate knowledge and status of the software’s behavior than any other documentation.
  • Cost-effective
  • Open source software is quite economical. It cut down the expenditures made on maintenance and licensing fees.
    Scaling and consolidating
  • Open source software is easy to scale. Having features like open source applications, clustering and load balancing, it enables enterprises to achieve more with fewer resources.
  • Let Us Code assists you with customized open source design and development at reasonable prices.