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Test Complete

Test Complete is an automated testing tool that helps develop, manage and run tests for multiple windows, web or customized software. It makes the automated tests easy, fast and more economical. Furthermore, it increases test coverage and provides rich features to deal with complex testing challenges more efficiently. What makes it user-friendly are the script-free keyword driven testing, easy-to-use interface and innovative test visualize. Test Complete tool is a vital testing tool for QA team that performs testing and rigorously works to develop and deliver software without any delay. There are several benefits of Test Complete testing tools such as

  • More and fast testing
  • Test Complete automates tests and runs them more efficiently. It is capable to perform variety of tests like tests to measure application and server performance, verify business logic, assess user experience and analyze databases.
  • Highly-reliable and quality products
  • This automated testing tool creates vigorous and repeatable tests that ensure reliable and high-quality software development.
  • Automated test cases with scripts
  • Test Complete allows automation of complex testing procedure by using automated test scripts. It supports multiple programming languages, and allows coding the test cases in JavaScript, VBScript, C++, DelphiScript or C#Script. Its automated test script editor facilitates automated test scripting through automated syntax checking, code completion and other features. It has a built-in function library that enables to deploy complex logic for software validation.
  • Validate software or applications
  • Test Complete offers several checkpoints for software validation that can be customized too. During automated testing, it verifies software’s object and its web pages, images, property values, files and XML documents, databases, data in tabular controls and more.
  • At Let Us Code, we strive to deliver the best Test Complete services, adding more to your business values and enhancing user experience. Our Test Complete services include:
  • Regression testing
  • Integration testing
  • Functional testing
  • Data-driven testing
  • Load testing