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In recent years, Selenium has emerged as one of the most powerful Java-based open source automation testing tools. It uses JavaScript and Iframes to integrate test automation engine in the browser, and provides domain-free language to write and record the authorized testes in different programming languages. This unique mechanism is quite easy to use, and gives competitive edge to businesses. It’s more scalable and reliable than proprietary tools. Selenium scripts are recorded in Selenese language. Selenium supports multiple browsers and operating systems such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Linux, Mac OS X etc. The IDE (integrated development environment) and RC (Remote control) are the key elements of the Selenium that records tests and suites of tools writes automated tests to web applications, respectively.

It supports various platforms like internet explorer, Firefox, Mac OS X, Linux etc. Selenium RC and IDE are core components of selenium that helps better integration of framed test work with different units. Selenium remote control is written in JavaScript that helps write automated tests to web applications. Selenium IDE is an extension of Mozilla Firefox that is used for recording tests and suits. Let Us Code offers a wide spectrum of Selenium web application testing services such as Selenium automated regression testing, Selenium automated functional testing, Selenium automation framework development, integration with test management tools, Selenium browser compatibility testing and more.

Key Advantages of Our Selenium Testing Services

  • The bug reproduction and exploratory testing are facilitated by Quick automation scripts by using Selenium IDE
  • Scalable regression automation on multiple platforms with Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium test automation with multiple programming language such as Java, C#, PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby that simplifies its integration with your business architecture
  • Wrapping Selenium testing scripts with multiple choices in testing framework such as TestNG, JUnit etc.
  • Integration with Java based tools like Maven and Ant
  • Stepwise testing monitoring through log generation
  • Customized reporting services using HTML
  • Automation with hybrid and keyword or data driven approaches
  • Selenium 2.0 for flash & database testing