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QTP (Quick Test Professional) is an automated graphical user interface testing tool that helps with the regressive test automation of applications or software by using the Visual Basic Scripting. It automates web or customized enterprise application. The VBScript inculcated an automated testing process that allows modify and control the software during tests. This testing tool comes with three recording modules: Context sensitive, analog and low level. There are many other advantages of using automated testing with QTP, which are summarized below:

  • Easy to learn and run even for a non-technical programmer
  • Support for record of multiple modes and playback, and edit scripts after recording
  • Sophisticated Object Identification process
  • Reliable and cost effective
  • Less time and effort consuming
  • Support for multiple addins such as Java, .NET, SAP, Web Forms, Oracle, Web services, Siebel, PeopleSoft etc.
  • Improve existing tests through active screen
  • Supports all popular automation frameworks such as data driven, testing approach, keyword driven testing approach, modular testing approach etc.
  • Simple and user-friendly in-built IDE
  • Support Microsoft Object model, test management tools and multiple suites
  • In-built properties, procedures and VBScripts based functions
  • Support for XML
  • Simple usage of data-tables or Excel files, offering several way to adjust rows and columns
  • Easy to maintain data and test iterations driving the tests through configurations
  • Provide test reporting with detailed analysis
  • Let Us Code is one of the leading testing and QA services offering companies in India. We have a team of skilled QTP professionals who are well-versed with QTP automation testing, multiple programming languages and technical capacities.
  • Our QTP services include:
  • Test object models
  • Test script models
  • Script maintenance
  • QTP data recording
  • Test data designing
  • Keyword driven frameworks
  • Analyzing the checkpoints
  • Debugging and script enhancements